For the world, South Asia has always been a well-spring of stories, mostly produced by writers, correspondents, and directors from outside the subcontinent. They told our stories well, often rivetingly—but, always, as outsiders.

Confluence is reversing the flow, explaining our region, with multilingual, multimodal narratives, through feature films, dramatic series, documentaries, books, and podcasts aimed at local and global audiences.

We are driven by writers, educators, researchers, filmmakers, journalists, data-divers, and digital campaigners. We have, on our team, Journalists of the Year, Foreign Reporters of the Year, Crosswords Books award recipients, winners of the Golden Dagger, and national and international film and journalism award winners feted repeatedly in india, the US, Europe and the UK. ‍

In a landscape of alternative facts, misspeaking and deep fakes, we invest in deep research and reporting to find the evidence of what is. Everything we do centers around primary sources: paper archives, historic film and sound, first-person interviews… and data, big and small. Through our stories, we interrogate power and platform the powerless.

We have a track record of teasing out webs of dark money and bolstering institutions. We have, for many years, filmed and written about the nature of power and inequality in the subcontinent, because we believe that doing so counters prejudice, misinformation and strengthens democratic values in South Asia.

Confluence is timely because the truth right now is being stress-tested around the world.

We want to help change that. Our mission is to produce deeply researched, engagingly told, extraordinary stories that question the status quo. We believe that the most complex stories require sensitivity and unflinching inquiry.